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  Castle Creek Chenin Blanc  is golden straw in color. It is fresh and light with a very fruity bouquet. The taste features soft sweet flavors of apple citrus and spice. $9.95
  Castle Creek Chardonnay  is a medium gold color with a subtle light fruit and flower bouquet. The medium bodied taste is ripe with a hint of melon and oak. $9.95
  Castle Creek "Kid Red"  is a smooth and easy to drink red wine. A Blend of the noble reds gives this a light cherry fruit flavor with a medium oak tannin body. $10.95
  Castle Creek "Uintah Blanc"  is a semi-sweet wine full of flavors of peach and mango. It's rich boquet and fruitfull taste lend itself with most any light dish. $8.95
  Castle Creek Merlot  has a deep ruby color. The bouquet is earthy with a hint of black current. Medium tannins, a little oak and dark berry flavor gives the Merlot a smooth taste. $12.95
  Castle Creek Cabernet Sauvignon  is a dark red wine with aromas of wood, sweet berries and pepper. The full bodied flavor is dry with blackberry, medium tannins and American Oak. $12.95
  Castle Creek "Lily Rose White"  is a light fruity easy drinking white table wine. Cowgirls drink it with everything from wild game to apple pie or in crystal glasses around the poker table. $8.95
  Castle Creek "Outlaw Red"  is a bold no nonsense red table wine much like a noble Cabernet. Ranchers, Cowboys and Blue Collar guys love it with beef steak, bologna sandwiches or in a tin cup around the camp fire. $10.95
  Castle Creek "Gewurztraminer"  The delightful aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle combined with Gewurztraminer spice and the richness of freshly harvested grapes produce a truly succulent after dinner treat. Our late harvest Gewurztraminer has the low alcohol and high residual sugar levels of a true dessert wine but can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. $9.95

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